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Nicola Bethell
Nicola Bethell
Best pharmacy ever , often same day delivery . Which is unheard of these days x well done you guys
Andrew Boocock
Andrew Boocock
There customer service is excellent. Friendly staff and helpful delivery drivers
paula pearson
paula pearson
Excellent service polite staff very prompt. If they can’t deliver they ring and explain 100%
John Osoba
John Osoba
All my household use this pharmacy. They are a revelation in Good Customer Service. We ordered early on Monday morning and by Monday afternoon it was posted through our front door. No more waiting in the pharmacy we used to use with bad service and lame apologies to have not received the prescription or didn't have the products. Well done excellent service.
Nancy Hare
Nancy Hare
Spoke to doctor at 5pm and at 6-45pm my medication was delivered. Brilliant service. Thank you.
Shazza Frankland
Shazza Frankland
Care pharmacy is the best move I ever did changing from my old pharmacy, my medication is delivered straight to my door, always on time, friendly staff n delivery guys too, I would strongly recommend care pharmacy 100% excellent service. 😊
H Khan
H Khan
Medication was received within a few hours, absolutely brilliant considering the previous pharmacy still hadn't got it out in over a week.
Saadia Bibi
Saadia Bibi
Fantastic service! I have been getting my prescriptions from Care pharmacy for a year now and have never had an issue. Prescriptions delivered to your door. Quick and friendly service.


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    About Us

    Your Trusted Online Pharmacy in UK

    The Care Pharmacy is an independent pharmacy based in Bradford and Leeds offering FREE delivery services to our patients at both local and national levels.

    We operate a simple and efficient online doctor. Create an account with us, order medications online with ease and keep track of your orders; do all of this in one place!

    A comprehensive list of private services will be available including treatments for erectile dysfunction, hair loss and more!

    Ozempic Online medication for weight loss


    The most common questions we are asked

    As soon as we receive your prescription from your doctors, we will dispense it immediately. We make every effort that your medications are delivered the next day by our local delivery driver. We will strive to deliver urgent medications (e.g. antibiotics) on the same day. For other parts of the country and for more general information on delivery, please see our delivery information.

    Avoid long waiting times. Discrete delivery. The benefits are endless! We provide high quality, online healthcare services, including online consultations with Independent Prescribers and dispensing of private prescriptions sent to the comfort of your own home.

    Certainly! We have a great team of pharmacists that are here to help you get the healthcare and advice that you need. Contact us!

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